CORIAN Solid Surface Material

If you are wondering what  Corian Solid Surface material isInnobanys Solid Surface is the best place to find out. Solve here all your doubts about this innovative and versatile material. We want you to be aware of both the features and benefits of this material, so we have taken the liberty of explaining it in this section.

Find out what Corian Solid Surface material is

We must start from the basis that Corian was invented and produced by DuPont, a company of American origin mainly dedicated to various industrial branches of chemistry. This laboratory is famous for developing such well-known materials as Vespel, Nylon, Neoprene, or Lycra, among others just as important.

But one of his greatest discoveries was Corian, a solid surface that offers great design possibilities and excellent performance for years. But, we are not only talking about homes, these surfaces are also widely used in other environments such as hotels, hospitals, shops or even boats.

If we talk about its composition, we must say that it is a mixture of polyester resins with fine homogeneous solids of natural mineral composition, the ATH or trihydrated alumina). But what interests us most about this material is its balance between beauty and performance. In fact, Corian offers imaginative uses, innovative designs and long-lasting applications, unthinkable with other types of materials.

In addition, its versatility and its wide range of colors (up to 100 references) means that anything you can imagine can be created with it. It can be carved, it can be worked like wood, it can be molded, thermoformed or inlaid.

But, its beauty does not end here, since being totally solid and with imperceptible joints, its appearance is pristine and can be used to create large architectural pieces.

Everything you can imagine, you can create with Corian. What are you waiting for to materialize your dreams?