Solid Surface Bath Bases

Meet our 100% acrylic Solid Surface bathtubs : durability, resistance and comfort.


Solid Surface bathtubs with INNOBANYS®

When developing a design for the bathroom of our home we seek that the materials used are durable, resistant and provide the maximum possible comfort. This also happens in the design of bathtubs or bathtub bases, in which all the elements exposed above are an obligation when deciding on one type of bathtub or another.

In the case of the bathtubs developed by INNOBANYS®, compact mineral SOLID SURFACE, all these properties are perfectly fulfilled, resulting in resistant, durable solid surface bathtubs that add warmth to the bathroom. Bathtubs with rounded and soft shapes, bathtubs with geometric shapes or bathtubs with a pure and classic style are just some of the characteristics of the solid surface bathtubs developed with the compact mineral of INNOBANYS®.

B TUB G 2100
B TUB O 1865N
B TUB G 1950
B TUB O 1750
B TUB GO 1700
B TUB O 1695