Solid Surface countertop washbasin

At Innobanys Solid Surface we have developed a very versatile Solid Surface countertop washbasin model that allows us to develop very exclusive and modern designs, adapted to the requests of each of our clients.


Discover the maximum hygiene and quality through our Solid Surface countertop washbasin

At Innobanys Solid Surface we are clear that one of the things that moves us in our business is to innovate. We love being able to develop materials and products like our solid surface sinks that are very versatile and easy to maintain.

We always think about developing exclusive and modern designs that have the highest hygiene and quality, whatever their use and application. For this reason, we highlight from our materials used, its antibacterial property above all that prevents the accumulation of bacteria and microorganisms.

In addition, these materials used are easy to clean and maintain, which allows the material to be returned to its original state quickly and easily. Not to mention its great resistance to shocks and impacts. For all these benefits, the materials we use are the most appropriate to develop next- generation sinks.

In this section, you will be able to observe the different designs that we have in our catalog . But, we remember that we are very versatile and we can fully adapt to the idea you have in mind. You tell us how you want it, and we produce it with the most resistant and innovative materials of the moment, it sounds good, right?

Get in touch with us and ask for advice for any project you have in mind. We promise that we will find the washbasin that best suits your measurements , the surface, the space, but, above all, that suits your needs and what you were looking for.

BB A 515 YR
BB R 915
BB R 906
BB R 379
BB R 920
BB R 926
BB A 4242 Y
BB R 6130 B / BB R 7030 B
BBR 907
BB A 6035 Y / BB A 8046 Y
BB R 3730 B
BB A 880

Do not hesitate! Stop by our contact section and ask for information about our countertop sinks.